quotes from the monk who sold his Ferrari

10 Amazing Quotes From ‘The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari’

‘The Monk who sold his Ferrari’ is a story of a successful lawyer known as Julian mantle who sells his Ferrari, his mansion, and his private island and leaves for India to find the meaning of his life. He had earned everything – respect – a good reputation, and a good wealth, but yet he felt incomplete. For this purpose, he traveled to India to meet different people of different cultures and traditions. 

The initial meetings with the learned and the scholarly of the exotic culture, though intriguing, did not yield the knowledge for which he hungered. He traveled to different states of India and its surroundings, including Nepal and Kashmir. He met different monks and learned from them different things. Then he meets Yogi Raman, a monk who gives him wisdom and tells him to share with people. Following are some of the finest quotes from The monk who sold his Ferrari.


The purpose of life is a life of purpose.


The only way to improve your tomorrow is to know what you did wrong today.


Stay focused on your purpose, the universe will take care of everything.


Pain is often the precursor of personal growth. don't dread it,. Instead, embrace it.


laughter opens your heart and soothes your soul.


don't race against others, race against yourself.


when you master your mind, you master your life.


learn to say no. having the courage to say no to little things will give you the power to say yes to big things.


never be a prisoner of your past, become the architect of your future.


when you work to improve the lives of others, you indirectly elevate your own life in the process.

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