Three Feet From Gold – A story Of Persistence

There are many plans we have in life for our future, for example at the age of 12 I wanted to become a Police officer, at the age of fourteen a cricketer, at the age of 16 a computer scientist and then finally a writer. Our plans for life change because of two things, the first thing is that with the passage of time we come to now the scope and level of things or our interest in those things, and the other main reason is that we give up.

For example, I gave up on becoming a cricketer because I came to know that the competition is pretty hard and it is never easy getting into the international team. And at the age of 18, I thought that I have no interest in the computer but I am enthusiastic about becoming a writer, so I had become one.

This story is based on the life of a person who gave up early and then started to bewail. This man wanted to dig and get rich. He wanted to dig for Gold. So he started working, after a few days he reached the level of ore. But he had not enough money to carry on the work because he had spent all the money on the ongoing work. He decided to buy machinery from another person who was very rich because of this gold. The man took a loan and bought the machinery. He kept working but he could not get the satisfactory gold that he could get profit. So he decided to quit.


The man was very disappointed. He sold the machinery at a low price. He had taken the loan from a lot of people which he had to pay. After few months the man discovered that he stopped digging only three feet away from gold. He had a big regret over this. Somehow he recovered and started the business of selling life insurance. Initially, no one wanted to do life insurance. He told many people to buy insurance but they said “no”. This time the man had decided to not give up no matter what.

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He kept the name of his company “Darby”. His company became famous day by day and a time came that around fifty workers were working in his factory and they would sell insurance of a million dollars annually. The man paid all his loans back. He recovered completely. He became rich. He learned one thing in life that Giving up is not the option. 

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  1. Indeed our wishes and goals changed with respect to time. But we always should remember this lesson in whole life, that is “never give up”. Mostly happens you close to your achievement you think you tired.

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