I write useful articles from some of the world's best self help books

Hello! This is Sahib khan. I am a student and blogger. I am the author of “Surrounded by the dark grey valleys”. I like to edit video, read books and travel. From these books I write some of the most orgasmic self improvement articles that will give you pleasure, but also pain at the same time to get up and change your self. To improve your life and become a better version of yourself. There are some articles which completely summarizes a complete book. I compress a book of 80,000 words into an article of 700 words.  That sounds good, yeah? but the fact is, I want you to read that whole book. Because that would be much better. This small article is just a kind of trailer to that book. It is not enough. You ought to read that book to better benefit from it. 

Beside self improvement articles, there is also a section of Quotes where I have written articles based on few of the most legendary quotes from legendary people. You can print your favorite quotes from there and paste it in your bedroom, office or any where you wish. You may also see the section of Videos, that is where I write post Motivational videos. These videos are the speeches of some of the worlds most successful people and motivational speakers like, TD Jake, Eric Thomas, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and etc. There is a link to my you tube Chanel where I post these videos. We also have a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube community beside this blog. 

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sahib khan


2016 - Present


Since I was good in writing, therefore one of my friend suggested me to start blogging. Initially I had another blog. But then I chose to edit that blog to this current blog. I publish some useful stuff from famous Self help books on this Blog. 

2014 - 2016


I started wrting short stories since 2014. I have worked as a freelancer for few months. I had also labelled myself as content creator for some times. I still do write. My short stories have been published in several famous Magazines. 

2010 - 2014

Video Editing

I got inspired from cricket and football montages to start video editing. I started video editing after Fifa W.cup 2010. I have used a lot of video editing softwares till now. Currently I use Filmora to edit the Motivational videos I make. 

About Me

My name is Sahib Khan. I am a student of BSCS in Lahore.  I live in Lahore. I am from Quetta, Baluchistan. I am fond of reading books, editing videos and pictures, and traveling. I am 19 years old (2019). My aim is to Motivate people to achieve their goals. 


2016- Present

Forman Christian College


Helper Public School


Iqra Public School


Photoshop 71%
WordPress 67%
Fimora Video Editing 85%
Fiction Writing 70%
Cricket 73%