A quest, mystery, and thriller written by Atvansy

Surrounded by the dark grey valleys

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In Brief

The novel takes place in the dark grey valleys of Baluchistan in the 1990s and early 2000s. Bibi Zoha, a fifteen years old girl is forced to marry Rehmat by her father on the inception of his promise with Rehmat’s father. They give birth to Ali. Ali escapes his home at the age of eleven due to the daily quarrels between his parents. ­ He works at different places in the town until the bakery of Agha. In the bakery of Agha, he meets a man named Usman who rapes him at the age of fourteen. In the same bakery, he meets Ain — a Malang — who latter becomes his good friend.

On the other hand, Zainab lives with her parents and her only brother in Quetta city. Her father is a society conscious person. He tries to persuade his society to join the right path, but gets killed by the Taliban with his only son. Zainab and her mother moves to village Churmian to live with her uncle.

While Ali’s mother keeps searching for him in the village. Ali roams in fourteen villages or the dark gray valleys of Baluchistan as a shepherd and experiences different kinds of people. He suffers throughout his miserable life. He falls in love with a girl named Shah Perai who gets married to someone else. In the end of the novel, after several years — in search of Shah Perai — he finds her in village Churmian. He persuades her to abandon the village with him. When they do it, they get caught. The villagers kill them mercilessly beside the mosque on the order of the village’s Imam.

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Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, It is my first novel and I have written it at the age of seventeen (in 2018). However it got published in 2019. 

No, It is a fiction story. However, it is inspired by some real life stories. Overall, the story is a fiction one. 

I aknowledge those mistakes. My editor did not give his best and it disappointing me to know from some readers that there were still some mistakes in the book. I hope it doesn’t happen the next time. 

My main purpose was to highlight domestic violence throughout the novel. A countless number of families suffer because of this violence. It does not only happen in Pakistan, but also in many other countries, including India, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh. 

Some readers may not agree with me, but the story is reality based. There are many places in Pakistan where women or children are treated very harshly. If you come to know about those stories, you will be thankful to me for not really putting the story that way. 

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