Fear And Its Major Types

Nothing kills more dreams in the world than fear, the fear of failure, the fair of criticism, the fear of poverty and so on. Fear is the most dangerous feelings. The reason we fear is that we are afraid something will harm us mentally or physically.  Whenever we see something which is dangerous for us, we fear, we are afraid that they will hunt us. The same, not only humans but also animals are afraid of few things. Like few animals are afraid of humans. There are many types of FEARs, but here I am going to discuss the fears of failure.

There are 6 major fears of failure:

  1. The fear of poverty.
  2. The fear of criticism.
  3. The fear of ill health.
  4. The fear of old age.
  5. The fear of loss of the love of someone.
  6. The fear of death.

1: The Fear Of Poverty.


On the basis of wealth, the humans can be divided into two classes, the rich and the poor. The rich people have their own standards of living. They live expensively, dream expensive and use expensive. They are money conscious. We have seen some rich people who become poor but still, they live their life as” “rich” no matter they have to take the loan.

On the other hand, the poor people are not money conscious.  They live a simple life. They do not dream of having a rich and expensive life. Being rich is not only wealth but it also a state of mind. This fear encourages procrastination, a person losses his interest and he is no more enthusiastic. A poor person feels inferior in society. It is a fact, the society respects rich as compared to poor. Various experiments were carried on this. A child in poor costume begged but very few people helped her, the dame child begged in a rich costume and certainly 90% of the people she had faced her helped her.

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  • Worry,
  • Indifference,
  • Doubt,
  • Over-caution, and
  • Procrastination.

2: The Fear OF Criticism.


The fear of criticism is very common in people. Many people claim that they can face their critics but deep inside it is not that easy. Many people commit suicide just because other criticize them and they cannot bear criticism. we live in a modern. A person needs to polish himself to keep moving on.

Tackling criticism is hard, especially for the teenagers.  But with the passage of time, most people master this art and they do not give a f*ck. People criticize other just because they are jealous or they feel relief in teasing others. But it is the law of nature that such people get hit hard by karma somewhere in life.

Most of the inventions and discoveries are done by the people who were good in tackling criticism. When people heard that Graham Bell is claiming to create a device through which we could talk to someone far away from us, they made fun of him. The same, many dreams, many ideas are destroyed because are feared of the criticism.


  • Self-consciousness.
  •  Feeling inferior.
  • Lack of initiative.
  • Lack of ambition.

3: The Fear Of Ill Health.

The fear of ill health is also a kind of fear. People are afraid of the “Old days”. They are afraid of death. Most of the people facing this fear are between the age of 40-55. But besides them, young people are also afraid of ill health. According to a physician, 75% of the people going to doctors feel that they are ill, but indeed they are all fine. They are just afraid. 


  • Self-coddling
  • Intemperance and
  • Auto-suggestion.
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4: The fear of old age.

Old man
source: Pixabay

This is a kind of fear in which people think that they will be avoided, they will become ill and then they have to die. Many people at the old age just wait for death. But the age from 40 to 60 is the best age of a person life. Most of the scientists and authors become successful in the age of this range. This is the age of experience.


  • The habit of killing off the initiative.
  • Imagination and
  • Staying alone.

5: The Fear Of Loss Of Love.


Although this is also a type of fear but not as common as others. This fear is mostly found in the teenagers who are in relationships. The concept of Pach up and break up is more common now. This could really affect a real lover. A breakup can either destroy the life of a person or change to a positive path. The habit of being suspicious of friends and loved ones.


  • Jealousy.
  • Gambling.
  • Fault finding.

6: The Fear Of Death.


One of the major reason people are not persistent in getting their dream is the fear of death. You will hear this question much time and even this thought will pass on through your mind many times “What if I die before reaching my dream?”. This is one of the most stupid thought in a person’s mind. People bring death between them and their dream. This should not be the spirit. While acquiring your dream you must think that you are immortal. People are also afraid that where will they go. Where did they come from and what will happen to them after their death.

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