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Five Lessons From Alchemist (Alchemist Summary)

Alchemist was originally written in the Portuguese language. Al-Chemist is a novel by Brazilian author Paulo Coelho which was first published in 1988. It became an international bestseller translated into some 70 languages as of 2016.

The Alchemist is a delightful fable in which a shepherd named Santiago travels from his home in Spain to the Egyptian desert in search of a treasure. During his travels, he meets a gypsy woman, a king, and an alchemist who help him along the way. Nobody knows what the treasure is, but throughout Santiago’s journey, he learns to listen to his heart. Following are the five main lessons from it.

1: Recognize The Good Things

An old man smiling while looking at a stranger

John works in an apartment. He gets up early in the morning. He brushes his teeth, takes bath and goes to his office as daily. Gets yawled at his boss, takes lunch and goes back to home through the train. His life is full of worries. He does not like his job.

One day while sitting on the train, John opens his laptop and checks the E-mails. He fails to see the ‘thanksgiving’ E-mail from his boss and a friendly smile from an old man. That is how he does not focus on the positive things in his life and fails to collect happiness from small things.

2: Live In The Present

Life never goes the same. It has many fluctuations. Sometimes you are happy, sometimes you are sad. Sometimes you are winning while sometimes losing.  Most of us have past when we had bad relations, Being bullied or failed. We can never recover by sitting silently or by thinking about those events.

If you want a happy and successful future, Focus on your present. You should neither discourage yourself by thinking about the failures of your past nor get overconfident as you have own in your past. Forget your past and work for your future.

3: Life Is Interesting When You Have A Dream

Peace sign of a man

Most of the people in today’s world do not have a clear vision for their future. Or if they have, they do not have a good plan for it. We feel contended when we achieve something big in life. Life is completely useless when you do not have an aim, a dream, a desire of doing something big in it.

4: Everyone Learns Differently

There are different types of students in every class. Few learn easily, while few take time to learn something. According to a research, everyone learns differently. Few have social and verbal learning style while others have the solitary and visual learning style. You can take a quiz on Google about your learning style.

5: Become Better Than You Are


No one is perfect. We all have good and bad traits within us. Some people have nice manners but they are jealous of others. Some people do backbiting of others. Some people get angry easily. We need to improve ourselves consistently. We have to get rid of bad habits and own good habits. Positivity is the key to a happy life.

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