winning people to your way of thinking

How To Win People To Your Way Of Thinking (Part-2)

Your tongue is an important part of your body. It can create a problem for you, as well as fix that problem. It is the lock of your personality. When you open this lock, a person will come to know about your personality. You just need to use it wisely. After using it wisely, you can get anything you like; successful business, unbroken teeth, and everything including hot chicks.

Yes, I included ‘unbroken teeth’, because most of the arguments lead to physical fights. And you need to argue sometimes for winning people to your way of thinking. In the first part of this article, I told you about those six principles that will help you in winning people to your way of thinking. And here, I will discuss further six parts that will give you a clearcut of this art.

  • Get cooperation
  • See things from others point of view.
  • Be sympathetic.
  • Appeal to the nobler motives.
  • Dramatize your ideas.
  • Throw down a challenge.

1: Get Cooperation

There was once a wealthy man and he had a huge company. His name was Adolph Seitz. He was one of the richest people of his vicinity. But for sometimes, his company was not working well. He arranged a meeting and called all of his employs. He gave each of them a card and told them to write any quality which they expect from him. He again asked that what should I expect from you. They said, honesty, sincerity, discipline, hard work and so on.

He cooperated with them of the petition he had made. After this meeting, the man just came to know that his company has again started growing. He wanted the cooperation of his employs. He wanted to realize them of their work. This was the net he threw to catch his employs in.

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2: See things from others point of view

We humans have the habit of concluding the result of something by the glasses we wear. We do not go behind the second person’s mind. For example: Once I and my friend were sitting on the lawn of a restaurant. We were having a good discussion that suddenly we heard the cries of a woman. One of my friends got angry and cursed the woman. After a moment, we came to know that there was a hospital beside that restaurant. And the crying woman had lost her father.

Now, my friend did not know the reason behind the cry of women. He jumped to the conclusion by cursing her. But later he fell sorry for what he had done. So, you need to see the problem from other person’s point of view in order to solve it the best way.

3: Be sympathetic

There is a famous phrase, that would stop the argument and make the other person willing to your idea. It is, “I don’t blame you for one iota of feeling as you do. If I were you, I would undoubtfully feel just as you do”. Now, this statement shows sympathy. And when you feel sympathy for your listener, He gets interested in what you say. And that is how your statement gets heavier.

4: Appeal to the nobler motives

Lord Northcliffe once did not like his picture that was published in a newspaper. He did not write it to the newspaper, “Hey! do not use this picture of me again”, Instead he wrote, “Hello! Kindly do not publish that picture of me again because my mother does not like it”. He chose his words wisely. And this is the principle that worked for him. So you just need to give a proper structure to the words you speak, to make it powerful and win people to your way of thinking.

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5: Dramatize your ideas

I am sharing a very interesting experience with you. You might have felt something if you have ever studied in a noisy class. When the class gets out of control, and simply saying “Silence!” is not enough; then the teacher comes up with a story like this,

“Listen, boys and girls, I know you are making noise in this class. I have been teaching to seven classes and this is my favorite. You should also know the reason for which you come to school. I want you people to please stay silent”

In these sentences, you can see the drama created. This is the thing that worked. So you just need to dramatize your statement to win the other person to your way of thinking.

6: Throw down a challenge

When nothing works for you, through down a challenge. Humans are afraid of fears. They are afraid of the challenges. And when no other way works for you to win the other person to your way of thinking, just give him a challenge. This challenge will make him think. He will take a moment to change his decission.


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