Failure in leadership

Major Causes Of Failure In Leadership

Leadership is somehing that is liked by everyone. Everyone wants to become known well, everyone wants to lead, everyone wants to give commands. And many people call leader someone who is the boss. They are desperate to be called a boss. Indeed there is a big difference between Boss and Leader. A leader has his own attributes, which he must follow if he wants to be successful, as discussed in my article “The important attributes of leadership”. If you have not read that article, you can read that by clicking on the link below.

The Important attributes of leadership

No one is perfect, everyone fails somehow somewhere in life. And Sometimes leaders also fail. There could be many reasons that why they fail. There could be enough things which let them fail. Following are the major causes of failure in leadership, according to Napoleon Hill.

  1.  Inability to organize details.
  2. Not being humble.
  3. Paying for words (Knowing) rather than actions (doing with knowing).
  4. Fear of competition with followers.
  5. Selfishness.
  6. Lack of imagination.
  7. Disloyalty.
  8. Intemperance.
  9. Leading rather than giving orders.
  10. Pride in being a leader.

Do Not Do These Things In Leadership

These are the major causes of failure in leadership. Many leaders who failed have few of the above things in common. So, to lead a successful leadership, you must not have any of the above attributes. No matter whoever you are leading, a cricket team, a business company or even in politics, you must follow the above (do not do in leadership) list. And most importantly you need to be well enough in handling failuer and learning from them. If you keep doing failure without learning from them, then there is a good probability that you will faill badly, and by badly i mean enough bad to never get up again and give up forever.

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