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Nine Lessons From Old People For ‘A Happy Life’

A person becomes mature with the passage of time. He learns continuously. Life is a very big teacher. There are many fluctuations in life. From taking first steps to losing last breathe, it Is a very big journey. A person experiences a lot. Here are nine important lessons from old people for a happy life.

1: Avoid Calenders, Just Celebrate Every Day

We mostly celebrate on big vacations. We have specific events every year for which we wait throughout the year and celebrate them. Or when there is something special like your country winning the world cup.  According to this advice never believe on the calendar. Celebrate every small achievement of your life.

2: If You Have Haters, Keep It To Yourself

We all have some people in our lives whom we hate because of some reasons. We are also hated by some people because of jealousy or any other fact. You should never let others know about the people you hate.  Because of this, we lose our status in society.

3: Stop Comparing, You Will Never Be Happy With Your Life

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While shopping in a big store where there are varieties of t-shirts.  You buy one t-shirt and come home. You regret buying this shirt because you think that another t-shirt was better than this. Now no matter you have bought the best t-shirt you still feel bad because of the comparison.

The same, When we try to compare ourselves with others, we feel unhappy. So, for a happy life, it is must to stop comparing yourself to others. Everyone is unique in his own field.

4: Keep Your Head Up, Do Not Give up

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There are many moments in our lives when we are like to give up on things we wanted to achieve. Might be those things are pretty hard to achieve. There is always something in us which stops us from achieving what we want. Name it as fear.  It could be lack of effort or energy or something else. But, according to this advice never ever give up on the thing you want to achieve. Because efforts change our lives.

5: Life Is Fun, Just Be Satisfied

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Be satisfied with what you have. You don’t have to be happy all the time. Life never goes the same. There are many ups and downs in it. Deal with the bad conditions in your life. Be patient and hope for the best to happen in future.

6: Love, We Are All Just People

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We humans live on planet earth which is a very tiny particle in the galaxy milky way. We humans are nothing compared to this universe. Hating others wouldn’t make us superior or smart. Life is very short, love everyone around you no matter he is your lover or hater.

7: Stay Positive, Negativity Is Poison


The world has a law of karma whether you believe it or not. If you think positively, positive things will happen to you but if you think negatively, negative things will happen to you. Every reaction is based on its action. So according to this advice, be optimistic. positive things will happen to you.

8: Forget The Pain With Fun

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Pain may be temporary. but it is hard to deal with. whether you get bad grades, loss a friend. have a breakup or any other kind of pain. Take rest, enjoy with friends, play games. Go for a hike or do something else to heal your pain.

9: Do Not Be Crazed With Material Things

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Life is short and everything within it is temporary. No one knows how long will we live. Do not spend most of your time on material things like mobile phones, laptops etc. Value others in your life. Spend time with your friends and family.

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