The Power Of Desire – An Inspirational Story Of Success

You must have heard the name of a famous scientist and inventor Thomas Alva Edison. He is well known for inventing the light bulb. Beside this, Edison has many other inventions. Indeed he is regarded as the best inventor of all time. Edison was also accompanied by many other genii. This article is based on a person who worked with Edison and became one of the richest people of that time. He has achieved this by having a desire.

Edwin C. Barnes Desire

The name of this person is Edwin C. Barnes. Barnes wanted to become a partner with Edison in business. He had not met Edison earlier and his house was far from the company of Edison. For a while he thought to give up on this idea because going to that company every day was never easy at that time. There was only railway at that time, no cars or motorbikes. But then he decided to go and meet Edison no matter what.

Edison and Barnes having a discussion (Source: Bridge to strength)

On his first interview, he introduced himself to Edison and told him about his determination in joining him as a partner. Edison felt that this man has a desire, and he wants to do it. Edison appointed him but started the minor works with him. Barnes was not happy because he dreamed of becoming the business partner of Edison, he never wanted to work under Edison.

At that time Edison invented a machine called Ediphone. But his workers thought that people will not buy it. They had no interest in this device. On the other hand, Barnes considered this as an opportunity for him. He told Edison that he will sell this device. He went out and sold the device at a very good price. He impressed Edison. Edison decided to give him a contract. He sold so many Ediphones that he only earned two to three million dollars through that. He fulfilled his desire. His dream came true as Edison made him a partner. He was neither well educated nor skilled but he had a desire. He wanted to become rich. He had the desire of working side by side to Edison.

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Edison and Barnes with Ediphone (Source: Strength to bridge)

(This article is the summary of a part of Napoleon Hill’s famous book “Think and Grow Rich”)

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