Problems Of Teenagers

Teenage is considered as the “Golden phase” of human life. A person is not only strong physically but also emotionally during his teenage. A teenager is normally considered as a person who enjoys life keeping every matter aside. Besides the fact that teenagers enjoy life, there is also a dark side of teenage life.

In this article, you will see the difficulties faced by teenagers.

1: Dealing With Bullies


During school day a person faces a different kind of people around him. Some are good to him, while others are bad. If there are good students in the class, there will also be bad. It is a law of nature that evil and good are at the same platform.

There is an idiom, “Where there is a flower, there are thrones”. Every class has bullies. No matter where ever in the world, you will find bullies there. During teenage, it is not an easy task to deal with bullies. It is not easy to keep your nerves calm when someone is teasing you.

2: Conflict Resolution


conflicts resolution
Teenage boy scolded by parents

Teenager gets annoyed and angry easily. That is the reason teenager cannot deal with the haters or bullies easily. They often fell into a quarrel with others. A teenager feels strong and has a belief that he can beat down his contender. These sort of conflicts become a big problem for them and later they regret their decision of fighting with others.

3: Time Management

Time management is an important issue not only for teenagers but also adults. Successful people in the world have few things in common and one of these is time management. It is not easy for a teenager to apply his efforts on the tasks he has managed to do. He is oftenly disrupted by the internet and socializing with friends.

4: Self Esteem

self esteem

Being confident and having high self-esteem makes a person attractive. Self-esteem is not only for others but it is also important for the matters of oneself. A person having low self-esteem often feels inferior. He does not give his best in any of the tasks he does. Teenagers struggle with acquiring a good self-esteem.

5: Loss Of Relationships

Teenage is that phase of life when a person has strong desires. whether these desires are sexual or other. Being in a relationship is not bad but losing a relationship is worst. It is hard to leave someone to whom you were emotionally attached very strong. Loss of relationship leads a person to depression and depression leads a person to death in many cases.

6: Friendships


A friend is a gift. He is very special when he is caring, loving and helps you in dark phases of life. Having bad friends is worst than having an enemy. Keeping a good company is important for every person. Teenagers socialize a lot, therefore they are most likely to have many friends.

Having a lot of friends is easy but fulfilling the expectations of everyone is impossible. It is a problem for teenagers to deal happily with all friends.

7: Goal Setting


It is a dream of everyone to achieve something big in life. Some dream of becoming a famous politician while others dream of becoming famous in their own fields. A teenager is mostly entangled with friends, relation and other matters of life, therefore it is not easy to set a goal and focus upon that.

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