The Reason You Should Not Give A Fuck

Charles Bukowski was a German-American writer, poet, and a philosopher. He died in March 1994 and left a legacy behind him. During his young age, neither he was successful nor famous. He was constantly rejected by the publishers. He used to take alcohol, gamble, and have se* with the prostitutes.

Then at the age of fifty, a publisher accepted his work. That is how he achieved fame. Till fifty, he was known by none. But Bukowski still remained the same after becoming famous. He did not care about his fame. He used to abuse people in public and wouldn’t care about it. He still remained the same as he was. Simply, Bukowski did not give a fuck about his fame. He was purely honest with himself. This is what honest people do.

The people of today lack honesty. Starting from social media, your life is completely different than what you post on social media, right? You suck in real life and you know that. But you still post your picture with a caption, “My dream is not far away”. You do such stuff to show the world that your life is super cool. But this does is not the fact, and you are not the only one to do it. It is almost done by all the young generation of this era.

My point is that why do you have to prove that you are living a good life? Why do you have to post a picture of the pizza that you ate an hour ago? Why do you want to hurt your self mentally? A confident person will never try to prove that he is confident. A rich person will never have to prove that he is rich. The same, If you really are leaving a life that is cool, then why do you have to prove it on social media? You just need to do a simple thing, and that is to not give a fuck about what others do. A phrase, “Don’t try” is written on the tombstone of Charles Bukowski. You don’t need to try to compete with others. You are different from others. Do not be a sheep who follow other sheeps. Be a lion that always leads.

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The problem is that you give way many fucks. You give a fuck about social media. You give a fuck about other people lives. You give a fuck about your favourite team losing match. If you keep giving fucks everywhere, you will not survive. You’re making yourself weak by giving way many fucks. This was what your negative thoughts are leading you to.


And, its solution is not to give a fuck about it. The less you give fucks, the more your life will be comfortable and you will be happy. You do not have to try to compete with others, because if you do this; then there is no more stupid person than you in this world.

(This article is related to Mark Manson’s book, ‘The subtle art of not giving a fuck’)

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