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Six Practical Steps To Become Rich – By Napoleon Hill

You must have read the famous story of Tariq Bin Ziyad, a general who burnt his ships to either win or die. When his army asked him the reason, he replied: “We have no choice, we win…or perish”. When his army fought and won the Gibraltar fight, then they realized that Tariq was very determined and he had a very strong belief. Tariq had a burning desire to win this fight, that is why he won. You might have read my previous article on DESIRE – The story of Barnes. If not, so first read that article here is the link.

The power of Desire

In that article, Barnes had the desire of working with Edison. And he succeeded in his goal. He also became one of the richest people of his time. As that story was the summary of a part of a famous book “Think and Grow Rich”. In that book, the author Napoleon Hill told us Six practical steps to become rich. Here are those steps:

1: Fix the exact amount of money you want to earn in a certain time. (1 year, 5 years…etc).

2: Intend to return something for the money you desire.

3: Mark the exact date by which you want that certain amount of money, of which you have desired.

4: Create a plane to achieve your goal, Start working on it.

5: Take a piece of paper, write the amount of money you desired, the time and the thing which you want to return for the money you desired.

6: Read this piece of paper loudly twice a day so that you realize that you have a certain goal and a deadline.

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So these are the 6 practical steps derived from one of the best selling book “Think and grow rich” by Napoleon Hill. Napoleon observed 500 wealthy men for 25 years to finally know the reason for being rich.

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