Symptoms Of Lack Of Persistence

Persistence is an important attribute that helps in reaching one’s goal. A task is Imagined, then Planed, and then the work is done upon that to get the desired result. The attribute of persistence comes into the block of work. A person has to be persistent to reach his desired goal. I have told you the major 30 reasons of failure in one of my previous article. In those 30 reasons, Persistence is also of them. If you have not read that article then you can read that by clicking on the link box.

Thirty major reasons of failure 

I have also told you in the last of that article to minimize the reasons of failure to zero. So in this article, you will know about the major reasons of lack of persistence. As persistence is must, so you must note these 10 reasons of lack of persistence and avoid them to be persistent.

1: Failure To Recognize.

Many people in their lives do not know their goals, their dreams and the objectives of their lives. They come to this world, spent their lives of 40, 50 or 60 years and then die. They fail to recognize their goals. They fail to recognize their dreams. One can be persistent if he has a certain goal in mind and a clear plan to get that goal.

2: Procrastination.

Procrastination is delaying tasks to the next day or anytime. A person can never be labeled as “Persistent” if he procrastinates.

3: Lack Of Interest.

Lack of interest is the other name of failure in any task. If you are not interested in a task, you will procrastinate, try to avoid that task and as a result failure is confirmed.

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4: Indecision.

Indecision is a kind of procrastination. You have to take a decision on time and act upon that rather than delaying it. You can read my article on the importance of decisions by clicking on “The importance of taking the right decision”. People do not have a well-organized plan to act upon when they are indecisive.


5: Willing To Fail.

Whenever there is a mini problem, people sit and wait for the miracle to happen. No miracle will happen, instead, you have to stand up and fix that thing. People tend to quit at the first sign of failure. The winner is the one who doesn’t give up until the last second.


6: The Habit OF Blaming Others.

The habit of blaming others is also the reason behind lack of success. Losers always blame others for their failures. They are not persistent, they do not take the control of things, and when they confront failure, they blame others.

7: Weakness of Desire.

As I have told you in one of my article “Six practical steps to become rich by Napoleon Hill” that a burning desire is the root of success. One can not become successful in getting something unless he has a burning desire in achieving that. If a person does not have a strong desire, he does not remain persistent in the achievement of his goal.

8: Wishing Instead Of Willing.

No one was born with a briefcase of money in his hand. Most of the millionaires in this world were very poor during their childhood. They did not only had a wish of becoming millionaires but also the will of becoming millionaires.

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9: Searching For Shortcuts.

There is a famous quote of Misbah Ul Haq,  one of the most successful captains in the history of cricket.

“Experience has no shortcuts”.

He got his retirement at the age of 42, and even at that age he was the fittest player among his team. People who are not persistent are lazy. They always find for shortcuts. Which is never a good option.

source: marketing land

10: Fear Of Criticism.

In today’s society, more dreams are killed by the fear of criticism than anything else. One can not open heartedly work on what he wants to become because of the society. That is why he is not persistent. You can further read about the fear of criticism on this blog.

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