The Important Attributes Of Leadership

Leadership is a big command in any field. Everyone likes to be a leader. Everyone likes to give orders. It is the nature of human mind that every person wants to be unique, be special among the common people. But there are only a few people who have the quality of leadership. A leader is not the one who only give orders but there are many attributes of a leader which makes him unique among the common people. So following are the attributes of leadership, according to Napoleon Hill:

1: Relentless Courage In Leadership.

The essential thing for a leader is courage. A leader must have to courage to face fluctuations. He must be brave enough to confront the upcoming hurdles and difficulties.

2: Self Control.

Have you ever seen a leader who has no self-control over himself? Not only a leader, even a successful follower needs to have a good self-control over himself. Controle on sexual desires, bad habits, and many other things. It is not easy canceling plans with friends and working on your dream.

3: Sense Of Justice.

Many people disagree on this point, they give the examples of some corrupt or tyrant rulers. But that leadership only remains for few days. A leader does justice.

4: Taking Strict Decision.

There is a quote from Quaid e Azam

Think 100 times before you take a decision, But once that decision is taken, stand by it as one man”
This line completely explains the definiteness of decision.

5: Definiteness Of Plans.

Leaders always plane, they plan about their future and the future of their company

6: Doing More Than Paid For.

If you do more than you are paid for, you will receive the amount for the extra efforts you did, somewhere in life.

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7: A Good Personality.

Dealing others with kind words and a smile on the face is important for leadership. You have to respect others.

8: Sympathy And Understanding.

A successful leader understands the situation of others. He is sympathetic.

9: Good Knowlege.

If you are the leader of your soccer team, you must know the complete details and rules of soccer. The same, if you are the leader of an industry you must know about each and every detail of it.

 10: Responsible.

A good leader is always responsible. He is responsible for the loss. He doesn’t react like a boss but like a leader who leads the team.

11: Cooperative.

Leadership calls for power and power calls for cooperation. So you have to apply the principle of cooperative effort to be able to become a good leader.

These were the 9 important attributes of a good leader. You can read further articles about Napoleon hill by searching “Napoleon Hill” at the search bar of this website.


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