The law of attraction

The Law Of Attraction

The power of focus is something unpredictable. When we put all the energy on doing achieving a certain thing, then there is a great probability that we are going to achieve that thing. Talking about focus, something relates to it. And that is ‘The law of attraction’. You may have heard this phrase several times, right? If you are a person who watches a lot of motivational stuff on youtube, then definitely you have heard this phrase.   

The law of attraction is a law or a belief that we humans have the ability to attract anything into our lives when we focus on it.’ May it be your dream of becoming the best boxer of the 21st century or becoming a millionaire by your thirties. It is a law that can be applied to anything by anyone. This law is not only for the people of a certain religion, race or region, but it can be used by any human being in any corner of the world. It is a universal law. If you focus on the negative things in your life, you will face the negative results. And if you focus on the positive things in your life, you will attract the positive results.

The Law Of Attraction Used By Famous Celebrities

Connor Mcgregor, Will Smith, Oprah Winfrey, Lady Gaga, and many other celebrities strongly believe in and practice the law of attraction. Talking about the fame of Connor Mcgregor, he says that:

“If you can see it here (in your head), and you have enough courage to speak it, it will happen. I see these shots, I see these sequences and I don’t shy away from them. A lot of times people believe in certain things but they keep to themselves. They don’t put it out there. If you truly believe in it and become vocal with it, you are creating that law of attraction and it will become reality.”

The law of attraction
This sketch was made in the Gym of Connor Mcgregor when he was preparing himself for the boxing fight against Floyd.

Law of attraction is about visualization. You have to visualize what is upcoming. Connor visualizes everything before the fight. He visualizes how he will walk to the ring, he visualizes how he will start the fight and then even the way he will knock out his opponent. Now, when he is reportedly giving this message to his brain, it reaches his subconscious mind. After that, he believes that he can do it. When you strongly believe that you can achieve something, you have already achieved 50% of that task. 

Let me prove the law of attraction by another living example. on February 25, 1964, a Twenty-two years old boxer confronted a Thirty-two years old well experienced ferocious boxer of that time in the Miami Beach, Florida. The crowd was well packed. Out of Of the 46 sportswriters at ringside, 43 had picked the Thirty-two years old to win by knockout. Many analysts said that it was a mismatch. The Twenty-two years old carried the fight until the sixth round. Before the start of the seventh round, The Thirty-two years old gave up and that is how a man shock the world. His name was Muhammad Ali and right after the fight he yelled that ‘I must be the greatest.” 

The law of attraction
M. Ali after winning the fight


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Then in 1981, he retired and was highlighted as the greatest of all time (GOAT). He became what he predicted right after the fight versus Sonny Liston in 1964. He insisted on the law of attraction. Today, even though he is not in this world, he has a huge fan community who love his wisdom and skills. There is a Quote from him that:

“If my mind can conceive it, and my heart can believe it – then I can achieve it.”

To accomplish a task that you consider tough, Visualize that how you will do it, have the courage to do it. And repeat this thing in your mind until you strongly believe that you can do it. If you are a person who wants to be between girls but is shy, then visualize yourself between girls – talking with them and praising their beauty. See yourself already in that possession. This is what the law of attraction is about.  If you are a person who is afraid of public speaking, visualize yourself talking to thousands of people on a stage with an electrifying confidence. Do not step back. Do not be afraid of the fear of failure. Fear is just an illusion. The best things are on the other side of fear.

The fact is that many boxing or MMA fighters strongly believe in the law of attraction. Fighters like Nate Diaz, Khabib Nurmagomedov believe on it. They predict that how they will knock out their opponent. This is the thing that was believed by Bruce Lee. Connor is literally living the philosophy of Bruce Lee. There are also many books on the law of attraction. One of the best books about the law of attraction I have ever read is “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. Read here the summary of “Think and Grow Rich” by clicking on its title.

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