THE QQS Formula For Successful Business

Businessmen are the richest people on the planet earth. See a list of top 10 richest persons in the world, you will see that all of them are businessmen. Why don’t we see politicians, celebrities and sports stars on the list? They also earn millions of dollars annually. But they are still not eligible to be on the list of “Top 10 richest persons in the world”. From this, we can conclude that the power of wealth is in business.

Many people try their luck in doing business, from a small shop to a big industry. But most of them quit before benefiting from it. It is because business is not easy. If you are not well determined, you can not benefit from it, instead, you will have a loss in it. In one of the interview, Steve Jobs said that the most important thing in carrying business is determination.

Besides determination, there are many other things which guarantee the success of a business. Napoleon Hill observed various wealthy businessmen of his time. After analyzing and knowing the secret of success in business, he formed a formula for the success of the business. The name of the formula is Quality, Quantity, and Spirit (QQS).

1: Quality.

quality concept

The quality of your product must be good. Your product will be liked by people when it has a good quality. You can not become successful in business if you are dishonest. Being dishonest, you may run your business for few year but then you will suffer a big loss. You must keep the objects of greater efficiency in mind.

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2: Quantity.

Once you impress your customer with your product, then you must increase the quantity of your product. A customer never likes to go back without buying your product, in case you don’t have. Many businessmen are afraid of failure in business they do not have a good quantity of their product. You must form a habit of increasing the product which is liked more by the customers. Once your customer has brought something from another person, then there is a less chance of him coming back to you.

3: Spirit.

Spirit is a very important thing in business. I have seen many people who have both quality and quantity of their product but they do not succeed. You must have a good behavior to deal your customers. You must have harmony. A good harmony will induce cooperation from associates. This will increase the strength of your customers.

So these were the components of the QQS formula. Read the following article on success in business.

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