The Real Knowledge And Its Types By Napoleon Hill

Knowledge is the most important tool for survival in this world. It is the basic component of human life. It is considered as a sword. We go to educational institutes and coaching centers to get knowledge, many people call them the education. These both are like terms. Our common perception about knowledge is that the information about something or someone is called knowledge. And we label education as “A Skill”. Now the question is what have you ever used something from your grade 7 book in your job? If not then how can you call it a skill? We come across 7/8 books every year, crame them and give papers. Can we call this a skill? A skill is more practical than theoretical.

For example, there is a football coach, he lectures his team for an hour about a specific skill, and later let them practice that skill with the ball for just 5 minutes. On the other hand, there is another coach who does it contrary. Now according to you, you will obviously say that the team which has practiced the skill more would have mastered the skill. And it is a common perception. So we conclude that we learn the things practically more than theoretically. The theory is must, but not as important as practice.


The same is the problem with our education system. All the theory but rarely a practical. Did you know that Thomas Alva Edison the inventor of Light Bulb has attended the school just 3 months, Steve Jobs was a college dropout. Einstein did not like the education system. All the successful people have succeeded because they have mastered one thing at a time. A thing in which they had talent and about which they were passionate. You can cook one dish at a time in a utensil.

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Types Of Knowlege:

According to Napoleon Hill, Knowlege is of two types:

  1. General knowledge.
  2. Specialized knowledge.

General knowledge as already discussed is the information related to something. The teachers and professors are specialized in general knowledge which they teach to students. But they are not rich. Have you ever seen a millionaire professor? Those professors or students have that knowledge but they don’t know how to organize and use knowledge after they acquire it. As the word educate is derived from Latin word “Educo” meaning “to develop from within”. Have those professors developed some new ideas from that knowledge? No! They teach their students the same course, again and again, every year.

source: odyssey

On the other hand, specialized knowledge has link with innovations, new ideas, and imagination. From the inventors to the scientists, all had specialized knowledge. They had tried new things, worked on new ideas, imagined something different. And that is the main knowledge. That knowledge that defines education, the meaning of education.

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