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The Story Of A Kid Born Without Ears

The development of science has improved the human life. It has controlled the diseases and decreased the death rate. Earlier 7 out of 8 kids used to die before becoming adults. The story is of a person who was born with no ears. When he was born, his doctor told his parents that their kid will not be able to speak or hear all his life. His father was worried by the statement of the doctor and so does his mother. The father of the kid was a Wiseman, he decided that no matter what I will teach my son to hear and speak.

This man had a desire. He wanted his son to live a normal life, a life which is lived by a healthy person. He used to tell the stories to his son. His son was not able to hear. After few years the father realized that his son is slowly hearing his voice. He was more excited. He sent his son to school. The teacher told the father that it will not be the right decision because this kid can neither speak nor hear. But somehow the father persuaded the teacher by saying that I want my kid to live the life of a normal person.

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The son was not happy because he thought that can’t hear like a normal person or talk like a normal person. His father told him that it is indeed a blessing in disguise. When you go out people pay you more attention, they are more kind to you than a normal kid. And the teacher pays more attention to you than rest of the kids in Class.

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His father taught him to hear. After few years when he became teen he was hearing fine, just like a normal person. When taken to the hospital the doctor was shocked that how could someone hear with having ears.

During his teenage, this kid asked his father NApoelon Hill to give him money so that he could sell newspapers just like his elder brother. The mother of kid refused. One day the kid took a loan of 6 cents from a person and went to buy Newspapers, when he came home he had 42 cents in his hands, after returning 6 cents to the person from whom he had taken the loan. His father Napoelon Hill was very happy that his son has learned to hear and was courageous enough to work on his own.  And this article is the summary of a part of Napoelon Hill’s book “Think and Grow Rich” where he talked about the power of desire. Beside this there are many more useful lessons Napoelon Hill has shared in his book. You can read further articles on Napoleon Hill’s experiance.

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