Thirty Major Reasons Of Failure

Failure is commonly defined as “the lack of success”. But this is not the correct definition. Failure is perfectly defined by the great Muhammad Ali. According to him;

“Winners are not those who never fail. They are those who never quit”.

So a temporary failure is not the end of the game, but quitting is. No one in this world likes failure. Everyone struggles to escape from failure. A loser is mocked in society. He does not have respect. On the other world, the winner is respected. He is applauded. But many few people know that we learn more from failures than success. Following are the thirty reasons because of which most of the people face failure in life;

  1. Unfavourable heriditary background.
  2. No purpose in life.
  3. No ambition.
  4. Insufficient education.
  5. Lack of self-discipline.
  6. Procrastination.
  7. Bad health.
  8. Living in a negative environment.
  9. Lack of persistence.
  10. Negative personality.
  11. No control on sexual urges.
  12. Taking things easy.
  13. Lack of the power of decision.
  14. Fear.
  15. Wrong selection of life partner.
  16. Wrong selection of teammates.
  17. Superstition and prejudice.
  18. Over-caution.
  19. Lack of interest.
  20. Lack of concentration of efforts.
  21. Indiscriminate spending.
  22. Lack of enthusiasm.
  23. Intolerance.
  24. Intemperance.
  25. Non-cooperative.
  26. Possession of power, not acquired through self-effort.
  27. Dishonesty.
  28. Ego.
  29. Guessing instead of thinking.
  30. Lack of capital and faith.

Tackling Failure

These are the reasons for our failure. So if you do not want to fail, try to minimize these attributes to zero. You should never give up and stay persistent. And be eager to be brave enough to face the odds and stand against them. You should never be eager to accept failure, because failure is not an option. And if you are good enough to do everything fine, you will succeed.

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