“Three” Useful Techniques In Handling People

Handling people is a skill. Not everyone can handle people the best way, the way they should be. Many people have problems in handling people. It is a big problem but is rarely discussed. It is a problem, especially for the introverts. They face anxiety or depression while dealing with bad people. Dealing with negative people is not easy. It is not easy to not get affected by the negative thoughts of others. So here are three ways to handle people no matter how they are. These techniques are derived from a very famous self-book “How to win friends and influence people”, written by Dale Carnegie.

This technique consists of three important principles.

  1. Do not criticize, do not complain.
  2. Appreciate others.
  3. Arouse in the other person an eager want.

1: Do not criticize, do not complain.

Ninety-nine percent of the time people do not criticize themselves for anything they did wrong. It is a natural fact that people do not want any burden on their shoulders. People want to see themselves free. For example, most of the people jammed in a traffic consider traffic a reason because of which they can not reach the desired destination on its exact time. They never think that they themselves are traffic.

Its another example is public. People in developing or underdeveloped countries consider government responsible for every bad thing happening in their country. This is also a matter in big democratic states like India and Pakistan. They say that government is responsible for their problems, they do not accept the fact that government is because of them. They vote to chose their government.

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There are various aspects of a problem. People do not applaud a person for 99% of the success he had, they criticize him for the 1% of the failure he had. Few people complain about every small and simple thing. They complain in school because there is no duster in their classroom, he complains that his hairdresser did not cut his hair 100% right. These are the small issues people complain about. So if you want to handle others, you must not criticize them or complain about any of their things. Everything has its own reason for the occurrence.

2: Appreciate Others.

As I have mentioned in one of my articles that if you want to become a successful leader, you must appreciate the efforts of your employees. People who are jealous of other will never appreciate the efforts of other people open heartedly.

Jealous people think that a successful person is eating my right, which is not like that. People who can not succeed become jealous of others. So one thing you should mind that in any field you have to appreciate others if you want success. Wish for others what you wish for yourself. Do not be jealous of the efforts of others. Motivate yourself from his success, take it as an inspiration. Remember that you can never have good relations with a person whom you hate. Accept other people, applaud their efforts open heartedly and God will also plain the same for you.

3: Arouse In Other Person An Eager To Want.

This is a common problem. most of the people do not know the method of taking help from others or persuading others to do something. Remember, no one cares about you, everyone cares about him/herself. If you degrade others, they will degrade you. You can persuade someone to work for you by arousing an eager to work for you. This is the principle owned by the leaders. They arise eager in their workers, give their workers reasons to work for them.

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For example, once there was a man. He had his factory. In his factory, few workers used to not wear the protecting helmets. The Manager told them many times to wear helmets. They used to wear it, but in the absence, they used to take off the helmets. One day the manager called them and told them that these helmets are for your own protection. The manager arouses an eager in them to wear helmets, and from that day they started to wear their helmets regularly. SO if you want to take help, trying to persuade someone to do something, you should give him reasons, you should arise an eager in him to do that thing.


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