What Is Persistence And How To Be Persistent

Persistence is a major reason behind success. It backs the success totally. A person who is persistent finds success in his field. A person who has the power of will is always unstoppable.He who has a certain plane, and puts efforts behind that plan achieves success. What is persistence? and how to be persistent? These are the two major things you will know throughout this article.

What Is Persistence?

“Persistence is defined as the fact of continuing in an opinion or course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition”

We all face difficulties throughout our life. There are many fluctuations in our lives. Sometimes we are happy, sometimes sad. Sometimes we win while sometimes loss. This is the beauty of life. That is why our life is so much interesting. Most of the people like colorful things. The rainbow has many different colors that is why it appears that beautiful in the sky. It would not have been that much beautiful if it contained only one color.

The same is everything in this universe. God has designed everything so beautifully. The same is with success and failure. Success and failure are the two facets of a coin. Sometimes the side of “failure” comes, while sometimes the side of “Success”. But the thing is that a person has to master tossing this coin. He must master himself in bringing “Success” face of the coin most of the time if not always. For this, there are many things a person has to do, and one of the most important among them is persistence. This power is the strongest power behind success. A person has to always struggle to get what he wants. From every perspective, either scientific or religious, the struggle is the reason behind success.

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source: TRF radio

But the question is if persistence and few other attributes guarantee success, then why are 98% of the people in the world facing failure. And the question is that all the attributes of success are a kind of game. There are many stages of it, like imagining, planning and desiring something. And the toughest level in this game is the level of persistence.

Most of the people give up on their dreams. They are not well persistent. Few people give up on the first failure, few people give up after several tries and only those succeed who never ever give up. Those become the winners who are persistent until the last second. They are the people who deserve success. And this is the reason 98% of the people fail because somehow somewhere they lose any level of “The Game Of Success”.

How To Be Persistent?


Following are the keynotes in becoming a well persistent person.

1: Definiteness Of Purpose.

This is the most important step towards a good persistence. You can become persistent in your work once you know the definite reason that why are you working this work.

2: Desire.

A person can stay motivated to work all the time once he has a burning desire of getting his goal. A person who is motivated is persistent. Motivation is a dose of persistence.

3: Self Reliance.

It is a belief in the ability to do something. a person who believes in doing something works harder. A person who does not believe that he can achieve a certain goal just keeps himself busy and he himself knows the result.

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4: Definiteness of Plan.

You must have a definite planning to achieve your goal. You must act upon your planning to achieve that goal. If your planning is not definite, your result will be a failure.

5: Knowledge.

Your planning must be based on the observation, knowledge and experience you have. You must a good knowledge related to something if you plan that.

6: Cooperation.

By cooperation, I mean sympathy, A good understanding with others is a natural helper of persistence.

7: Will Power.

Willpower is a very important component. This universe is working in the bases of hope. Every person living in this world lives on the bases of hope. No one knows that when will he die. The same, you must have a good willpower so that it could help you be persistent.

8: Habit.

Habit and persistence are two related terms. If you remain Persistent for around 4 weeks, then it becomes your habit. This habit helps you in staying persistent for a long period of time.

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